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Morphamish is a producer, live set performer and dj who plays across the range of constantly evolving bass music - using elements of techno, breaks, 2step, house, dubstep, electro, funk, ambient, jungle, hiphop, hardcore and more.

With extensive experience playing live in clubs, festivals and raves around the UK and beyond, Morphamish tracks have had support from the likes of: BBCR1 Huw Stevens, BBCR1 Mary Anne Hobbs, BBCR1 Rob Da Bank, BBCR1 Vic Galloway (chosen as 'One to watch' for 2010), BBCR1 Ally McCrae Live Session, BBCR1 Rory McConnell, BBCR1 One Music Scottish Electronica Special, BBCR1 Best Of Unsigned Podcast, Gravious, Akira Kiteshi, Mad E.P., Warlock, No Yeah No, Crystal Distortion, Dj Flight, Blackmass Plastics, DFRNT, FJH, P-Era, Munchi, Daniel Benavente, Pesk, and sci fi godfather Warren Ellis.

He started out under various aliases - Morph, Sola Perplexus and Double Helix (with vocalist Texture) - as a live resident at notorious Edinburgh nights Pillbox and Obscene, playing techno, neuroleptic breakbeat, acid house and drum and bass. He has released on Crystal Distortion (of Spiral Tribe)'s Labrat Audiochemicals, Audiodacity, Abaga records, and on Skream Club's Crunk's Not Dead. Now using the name Morphamish for all projects, he is part of the Black Lantern Music, Edinburgh Tekno Cartel, Fuzzy Warm, and London's Phuture Motive collectives.

Previous collaborations/remixes include Profisee (Phuturelabs), Full Blush (Black Lantern), Anneke (Conquering Animal Sound), MAKO (NoMad), B-Burg (Akira Kiteshi live), and Tactus (Abaga records) as well ongoing work with longstanding production partners Texture, and Paranoise (Volume).

ETC Parties
Phuture Motive /Binary Motive Parties

“Electronic wizardry” - Rob Da Bank (BBC Radio 1) [re 1st release as Morph on Audiodacity records, 'Broad Nightlight']

“One of the most inventive pieces of British hiphop that I've heard in a long long time...” - Mary Ann Hobbes (BBC Radio 1 Experimental Show) [re track 'Complacency' under previous name Double Helix]

“I feel like I'm playing Devil music... but in a good way!” No Yeah No (Rag&Bone records)

“Feelin Face The Darkness, mean and that” Kromestar [re Morphamish track Face The Darkness]

“Loving this!” - Akira Kiteshi (Black Acre) [re Morphamish track 'Definite Urge Mode']

“Very nice stuff. Liking it” - DFRNT (Hot Flush) [re Morphamish+MAKO track 'Ooo']

“Brilliant brand new Scottish music” Huw Stevens (BBC Radio 1) [re track as Sola Perplexus 'Mexican Beans']

“Now here’s a producer that treats music as Picasso did paintings. Morphamish’s works seem similarly varied in terms of both style and subject matter and he’s just as prolific. Then when it all goes cubist, his glitched up blends of fragmented bass music act like the Three Musicians packed in their gear for a sampler, synth and sequencer. Needless to say, he’s a nutter, but the good kind that always smile as they rock back and forth to a sinewave LFO.” Electrikal

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