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Eternally enchanted by music, it was only a short year ago that Shatterfreak decided to try his hand at production. A lover of all things broken beat, his productions have spanned hip-hop, drum and bass, downtempo and dubstep before finally coming to the conclusion that tracks write themselves, genres are a marketing tool and good music is universal. Already content to just let the creative process take him where it may his tracks range from the deep dark rumblings of sub bass and scattered snares to solitary soundscapes where beats and synths often take seperate journeys towards similar destinations.

With support from Itchy Robot on SubFM, Skirmish on ImpactFM and track play in LA's Low End Theory by DJ Tokimonsta and a plethora of mixes (including for Irelands' State music magazine ), Shatterfreak is keeping busy. He has played for Reach, !Kaboogie and his own Stomp night in Dublin, Ireland and has an album out with Canadian label Intellegenix. Currently brewing up a bit of a storm with his Subversus act (with Irish DJ/producer Welfare ), his own productions and his self centered live show you can expect to hear a lot more from Shatterfreak in the future.