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Metatron is one of the many aliases of producer / DJ / musician Niall O'Conaghaile, aka The Niallist. A prolific figure on the Glasgow electro / noise scene, Niall co-runs Little Rock Records, releasing many of his own 12" and digital EPs and albums on the label, plus remixes and releases on other labels such as Clone / Dissident and Clouded Vision.

"I have made a lot of different music over the years under a lot of different names," says Niall. "They include Trippy Disco, Disco Beard, 2.2 Kru, Metatron, The Spin Out Sisters, & The Incredible Dancing Machines - and with other folk as Mong, The Evil Eye & Art/Audio Interface Ensemble."

This particular incarnation, Metatron, specialises in narcotic, melodic, minimal dubstep.

BLM Releases by METATRON :