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Mild Maynyrd is a multi-instrumentalist and producer from St. Paul, MN, and a member of the Black Lantern Music label. He vaguely makes Electronic/Hip-Hop music that borrows from a variety of other genres.

MM started playing in bands around the age of 12. During university, creation faded but experimentation continued. He was inspired creatively, perhaps out of necessity, when confronted with the death of a family member in the spring of 2010. To cope, he once again turned to music: a new sound and entity emerged.

MM has released two EPs (Nordic Rust and Broadcast AM.) and two full-lengths (Dead Herring and The Parallel) since. Along with a series of Notorious B.I.G. remixes (MMvsBIG, Volumes I and II) and a mashup project combining The Flaming Lips and Felt. He has also made several DJ mixes and remixed a variety of artists from Black Lantern’s own Texture to Aesop Rock.

MM’s new album – Hills Run Red – is a surreal trip through the American West taking the concept of a coherent narrative used on The Parallel to new places. It is to be released via Black Lantern Music, August 21st, 2012. A single, “Dawn Rider”, is currently streaming on his Soundcloud.

MM’s music has been called “organic”, and has been compared to “DJ Shadow’s early work”. He has been played on radio stations from the BBC to New York/New Jersey’s WFMU, and on a variety of podcasts and playlists from Russia to Oregon.


BLM Releases by MILD MAYNYRD :