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Growing up in a quiet town not very far from the noise and politics of Washington DC, the lush vegetation of the forest gave no indication to two young children, a boy and a girl, of the journey that they would embark upon together decades later.

This journey has taken the boy and girl on a trip of indescribable beauty and complexity. From the breathtaking mountains of Big Sur, California to the pulsating clubs of Germany, the two have experienced the beauty of many dimensions, both internal and external.

Experience is what drives Full Blush to continue to explore and create new music, because there is always the possibility of discovering new vistas of the unimaginable, which can then be shared with the world every time a song is played.

“Dancing in the space between order and chaos, we live life simultaneously informed by science and mysticism. The music we create is a reflection of this dance, the blending of the organic, human perspective with the stark reality of geometrical, electronic technology. Hours spent in the studio go by in seconds, and our minds begin to lose the feeling of separation between ourselves and the pulsating rhythms of our machines. This process becomes a meditation, a communion, as the rhythms, patterns, and frequencies of the music remind us of the infinite beauty and complexity found in nature and also within ourselves.”


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