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Magic Daddy, aka Glasgow-based musician Greg Hurst, has been writing and producing electronic music for 15 years. He has produced solo instrumental tracks and various vocal and band collaborations. He flippantly defines his style as 'trifle-tech', referring to his method of throwing everything in to see what sticks. In fact he has never settled on a particular style, preferring to be informed by current club trends but always trying to create something fresh. One thing's for sure: he will never be accused of minimalism.

His first releases were the Black Rabbit Whorehouse EP (2005, Optimo nightclub's Oscarr label) and the Insert Title Here EP (2005, on Stuffrecords, which later became Numbers). Since then he has been playing keyboards and producing for several Glasgow bands, including post-rock / post-bass synths-and-guitars outfit Machines in Heaven. His acclaimed remixes of Glasgow bands Nevada Base, How To Swim and For Abel have all been released in 2012. His Soundcloud page has been very active of late, having recently been updated with all previous releases and many unreleased tracks.

Currently Magic Daddy is building up to his first solo release in some time, the Rock Hyrax EP on Black Lantern Records. This contains 2 tracks of slow / fast bass heavy electro-techno-hiphop, informed by the current Glasgow / London / Bristol triangle of bass culture.. but once again with the unique maximal Magic Daddy approach. And track 3's an acid electro banger.

BLM Releases by MAGIC DADDY :