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SJ Mellia started making music at 22 years of age. His first self-released EP came in 2000 under the moniker Neurotic Boy Outsider 75 (NBO75). Next up was The Idiot Savants EP with local MCs Max Volume and Red Mercury, which was a limited vinyl release and was well received by the hip hop community.

After this he started to work under the moniker of Zucotic for his collaborative projects and NBO75 for his solo outings, putting out various projects with many MCs and producers from far and wide, as well as solo projects that allowed him to develop his skill set.

In 2012 he dropped all monikers and now goes by SJ Mellia for all work, solo or collaboration.

The Fluff Skull EP is his first release for Black Lantern Music.

BLM Releases by SJ MELLIA :