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Based in Aberdeenshire, Fiona Soe Paing has been evolving her unique brand of experimental, vocal-led electronica since 2007.

One of her first home demos, sung in fledgling phrasebook Burmese, was discovered on Myspace by the legendary BBC DJ Charlie Gillett, who included it on one of his 'Sound of the World' compilations, released internationally on Warner Music, alongside artists including Gotan Project and Devendra Banhart.

THE TOWER OF BABEL EP is accompanied by a limited edition DVD of music videos by New Zealand animation artist Zennor Alexander. Their previous collaborations have been screened on The Arts Channel on Sky TV New Zealand, as well as at film festivals including Digital Fringe Melbourne and NEON digital arts festival Dundee.

Fiona has performed the 'live cinema'-style set with the projected animations at venues including Auckland Art Gallery, Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art and with the National Theatre of Scotland. ď...stylish, elegant and sinister...obscure electronica, minimal beats and exotic voice merge seamlessly with animated visuals to evolve into a multi-media artwork." (New Zealand Herald)

In early 2012, Fiona was granted funding through Creative Scotland to make new work, and two of the new tracks are included on the TOWER OF BABEL EP.

TOUR DATES are planned for 2013, starting off on February 15/16 at Aberdeenís very first festival of electronic arts at the Lemon Tree and Club Snafu, and a follow-up EP of remixes by Black Lantern Music artists including Morphamish and Texture, is planned for the spring.