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YuTaNi, aka Connor Reid, is a multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Glasgow, Scotland. He began making electronic music at age 16, dabbling in all sorts of genres, experimenting with sounds. He is currently studying to be a sound engineer.

The YuTaNi project started a year ago out of a lust to do something different and be able to make his electronic music pliable and unpredictable. Reid records his own vocals, and plays guitar, bass, drums, kalimba, and keyboards. He is also a DJ, and has dabbled in saxophone, violin and a few other instruments. Reid's other projects include an emo / indie band.

His music has been played on BBC Radio 1's Introducing Scotland with Ally McCrae, on Subcity Radio, and he won a 'Local Hero Award' from Synth Glasgow, who also featured one of his tracks as one of the top three tracks of the year in 2011.

He has released three EPs of solo material, and contributed tracks to Glasgow rapper Zayn's Building Kites EP.

BLM Releases by YUTANI :