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hQ is for no-one and against none.

hQ is for war and against war.

hQ is for art and against art.

hQ is for love and against love.

hQ is for truth and against truth.

You're asking the wrong questions and not even expecting answers.

You would not know what to do with peace or knowledge.

Seek medical advice and adult supervision. Use only as directed.

Or, in the words of KK, "there's a horse in the hospital".

Hq's first release on Black Lantern Music was Sileni - Riders on the Conquering Worm.

Emerging from a background in performance poetry and drawing upon literature, opera, masks, puppetry and clown, I aim to bridge surrealism with mythology; celebrity culture with carnival freak shows; the weird and mundane; the gorgeous and grotesque.

From thermo-nuclear hip-hop to blackest visual theatre; abstract stand-up comedy to ferocious dancefloors, my various projects encompass a wide range of disciplines, but all aim to excite, bamboozle and enthrall.

Projects involving Harlequinade:

Church Of When The Shit Hits The Fan


Chemical Poets


A virtuoso display, like a jolt of electricity to the head. - The Skinny

"Brilliant." - BBC Radio Scotland

"Exceptionally inventive." - ThreeWeeks


BLM Releases HARLEQUINADE collaborates on: