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VIGILANTE was literally born into music production – his father Iain McKinna was a professional sound engineer, and Vigilante has been making beats since 1996. He started while living in Canada: on returning to the UK, he became heavily involved in the drum and bass scene, working with The General, resident of legendary Edinburgh club Manga. He also produced tunes with Nine Tails Fox, and liquid d&b artists Grand Unified.

A return to heavy, electronic hip-hop beats saw Vigilante hook up with rapper Profisee as the critically acclaimed Great Ezcape, well known around Scotland as a live juggernaut. Subsequent production work with the likes of Profit, Tricka, Necaras and others saw Vigilante explore a full palette of hip-hop sounds.

With Great Ezcape on hiatus,Vigilante has been active, moving into the world of film: his track was used in the trailer for 'Meet the Spartans,' and he has licensed music for soundtrack use to Disney. His latest hip-hop project is also film-themed: with Spytec, he has been working on a trilogy of pulp movie / US hip-hop mashup projects , the first of which is ‘Bullitt vs. Busta.’ The trilogy will continue with 'Cool Hand Luke vs. Kweli,' and will conclude with 'Enter the Dragon vs. Nas.' Great Ezcape are currently working on new material.

SPYTEC was born and raised in Edinburgh, and started playing electronic music in the late 90s. From 2000 on, he played out various genres as a DJ both in the UK and abroad, most notably playing a drum and bass set to 10,000 people at a Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Returning to the UK after a few years abroad, Spytec worked on solo drum and bass material: his remix of a track by Great Ezcape caught the attention of producer Vigilante, and the two began to collaborate.

Spytec and Vigilante are available for production and DJ work – contact Paul McKinna at www.offbeatstudios.co.uk.