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Buy Now : COMMA by COMMA

Buy Now : COMMA by COMMA




1. You Can't Go Easy When You're Making Trees
2. Flow My Tears
3. The Thunder That You Are
4. Parking In The Disabled Spot
5. Engine Failure
6. Between The Sunset And The Sea

Comma's first EP is an interesting fusion of strong childhood influences - touches of Don Caballero and Tortoise can be detected alongside a much gentler musical sensibility.

Each track has a character of its own whilst happily contributing to an impression of Comma's over-arching musical direction, which will no doubt only continue to distinguish the band from the totemic inspirations of its youth.

"Intricate and proficient, this EP of post-rock tom-foolery is a real treat... only gets better on repeated playing... delightful rhythmic skits and splices throughout... a blend of weaving melodies and instrumental excellence, falling on the right side of math rock, where the clever time signatures and rhythmic jiggery-pokery is matched by melodic guitar lines... Comma are an exciting proposition and have made an accomplished and stirring debut."
- Alan Souter / Is This Music?

"Intricate math/post-rock that reminds me a bit of the parts of Tortoise that I like? Yeah, I'll have some of that please... Check the EP out, it's a really strong debut."
- Aye Tunes

released 09 June 2010

All tracks written/performed/recorded/produced by Comma.



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