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Buy Now : D2 EP by FONIQZ

Buy Now : D2 EP by FONIQZ




1. D2
2. Smudj
3. Spectrum (Subdiffusion Mix)

Gorgeous summer time bass music EP from London based producer Foniqz.

Features the laidback atmospherics of D2, the groove laced melodic broken beat of Smudj, and a funky synthtastic d+b remix of Spectrum by Subdiffusion.

This stuff is very good for the soul, dive in...


released 28 May 2012

All tracks by Foniqz

This work is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.5 UK: Scotland License. To view a copy of this licence, click this image or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California 94105, USA. For more information about the authors of this work, and enquiries about commercial licensing options, please visit www.blacklanternmusic.com, or email blacklanternmusic@gmail.com. MUSIC WANTS TO BE FREE.