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1. Distance (with Morphamish)
2. Victimae
3. Impact (with Asthmatic Astronaut & Harlequinade)
4. Ram Dass
5. Non-Sequitr (with Salem Anders)
6. Silver Age (with Morphamish & Kid Ritalin)
7. Flipping Over ReVox (with Krowne)
8. Vilnius Colony
9. Come Home (with dustmotes)
10. Assassin's Creed (with Monkeytribe)
11. Hex
12. Wish To Whisper (with Sola Perplexus, 2005)
13. w2w...Echo In Your Head (with I††)
14. The Dawn View (with Morphamish)
15. Face Melter (Asthmatic Astronaut Remix)
16. Echo Boomers (with Morphamish)
17. Assassin's Creed (Mild Maynyrd Remix)
18. Face Melter (THEFT // OBJECTIVE aka p.WRECKS Remix)

Available as a CDR with deluxe fold-out artwork by D. Miranda Pole, or as a digital download in the format of your choice (CDR also includes immediate download).

Collecting the 3 EPs released on Black Lantern Music between 2009 and 2011, featuring collaborations with Morphamish, Harlequinade, dustmotes, Monkeytribe and many more, plus exclusive remixes from Mild Maynyrd, Asthmatic Astronaut, I†† and THEFT // OBJECTIVE aka p.WRECKS.

All tracks: lyrics by Texture. Production by the named artists. Additional mastering by Asthmatic Astronaut, except (12), additional mastering by Morphamish.






30th June @ Bloc, Glasgow
with Asthmatic Astronaut, Tickle & Monkeytribe DJ set

20th July @ The Art School, Glasgow
with Hordes Of Unstoppable Skeletons, Giro Babies, and Roscoe Variant & The Gantin' Schriechs


"This. Shxt. Slapz. Brooding poetic flow over nocturnal productions."
- Blam Blam Fever

"Short but intense... A dark urban feel combining aspects of hip-hop, dubstep and post-modern electronica... Foreboding but hypnotically attractive... A good bet for the nihilists in the crowd."
- Free Albums Galore

"Texture launches straight into a huge, dark cavern, doom laden and compelling... the atmosphere generated is immense and mind consuming... The entry of fluid, rapid-fire vocals works brilliantly as a mere sonic compliment to everything else, but the lyrics are phenomenal: dropping glittering turns of phrase, confrontational wordplay and above all a complex, ideas led viewpoint."
- Brainleak Station

"Listen to it on the train as the graffiti-ed factories with broken windows fly by… The woman to your left is e-mailing her partner how she thinks they should “take a break”… Someone else is jotting down hand-written scribbles ahead of you into a leather-bound notebook… The lyrics are bouncing around in your head, unable to get out, they’ll become a part of you, and you will make your own stories."
-Dan Black, The Sonny Wilkins Chronicle

"Proof of the city's ever emergent hip-hop undercurrent. Synaesthesia makes for a promising release... indicative of greater things to come."
- Martin Skivington, The Skinny

"Melodic yet densely packed delivery which demands more than a single listen... There’s added interest in seeing the identity of Scottish alongside other UK hip-hop breaking down into recognisable voices and continuing down the path to sounding like an independent entity, free, in part, from the traditional behemoth of the US... A sense of self already blossoming at times, but still outside of the majority... another quality release and well worth a download."
- Enough Records Blog

"Echo Boomers is a beaut – fantastic verses well delivered alongside sweet production from Morphamish."
- Mark Scanlan, aka Kobra Audio Labs

"Stakes a firm claim for BLM's position as one of the top labels out there... Strikes a proper balance between lyricism and production as opposed to obsessively focusing on the former in the absence of the latter... A nice depth of sound, which leads to an immersive listening experience, heavy beats deftly drawing you in... Luscious, hypnotic... Tortuously deep flows."
- Dylan Orchard, for The Creative Uncommons

"A shimmering slick of cyberpunk hip-hop."
- Thanks Tom Hanks

released 13 June 2012

Lyrics by Texture. Production by the named artists. Final mastering by Asthmatic Astronaut.

This work is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.5 UK: Scotland License. To view a copy of this licence, click this image or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California 94105, USA. For more information about the authors of this work, and enquiries about commercial licensing options, please visit www.blacklanternmusic.com, or email blacklanternmusic@gmail.com. MUSIC WANTS TO BE FREE.